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What does the rise in tuition fees mean for Students?

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I would like to begin with a review of what has occurred since the first tuition fee protest on the 10th November 2010. Like waiting for a bus when you need one, you wait hours and then three come at once, the same can be said about the reactions of students in response to the proposed rise in tuition fees. A protest was set for the wednesday 10th November 2010, it was thought that 10,000 students would attend the protest [...]

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How will International Students be affected by increased Tuition Fees?

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Whilst thinking about a fairer way for the government to deal with the county’s debt, I came across a category of students that had not been represented. The category being International students, who usually pay twice as much as home students. I wanted to find out if and how the proposed rise would effect them and their thoughts about the value of education. Some students pay between £8,000-£10,000 per year on top of their living expenses. If people are willing [...]

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University Success Stories

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When questioning whether to invest in further education, take a moment to look at some of the success stories that universities have produced.

This week’s university: Ravensbourne

Ravensbourne, now situated in the up-and-coming district of Greenwich Peninsula, is a specialist design and communication college which excels in the fashion and media industries. Our first success story studied an art foundation in the late 1960′s when Ravensbourne was based in the leafy suburb of Chislehurst, Kent. He has produced six number [...]

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