This week our lecture focused on segmenting and targeting a market audience as a way to focus an advertising campaign.

We then had to apply the principles of segmentation to the Audio Jack audience and construct 4 user profiles to base our campaign upon.

In our introductory lecture we were told that the target market for Audio Jack would typically be considered 16-25, so we used this age range to imagine different types of user that might have an interest in both Audio Jack’s competition and tutorial based website service.

We thought that users may well fall into one of the following categories:

The Self Starter
The Casual Enthusiast (Musician)
The Band Member
The Pushy / Busy Parent (outside of the specified age target but would have children just below or within it)

Each category was identified as having a separate reason for wanting to ingage with the tutorials on offer on the site. The self starter to better himself, the casual enthusiast to learn a specific technique or brush up on skills, the band member, to learn a new instrument and the pushy parent to encourage a 10-13 year old to take up music.

With these motivations and a few character traits discussed, we separated and started to work on our profiles, whether they would be based on real people, or fictional, how their personalities could inform our campaigns and how their attitudes could tailor our modes of delivery.

I chose to take the self starter profile and base the underlying structure of the profile on a friend from Brighton as he fit the character traits that we discussed as a group. By looking at the Sony Music Segmentation profile for Trendanista’s, I devised an interview, questioned and chatted to Dan. Please find written notes below and a corresponding visual profile for Dan Stratford (Name changed).

Case study: Dan Stratford

Basic Information:
Non-University educated
Works in events (festivals and bars)
Musician (self taught)
Age 24
Lives in Brighton

Describes himself as: Someone who likes to get his head out of the daily routing by getting his head into things. Someone who likes new ideas and information. Someone who likes to forward himself but most of the time would say that he’s is just interested in things!

Q & A’s from interview:

1. What 4 things do you most enjoy doing with your spare time?

Reading, being outdoors, eating and playing drums.

2. What 4 words would you use to sum your-self up?

Sarcastic, Positive, Self-motivated, thoughtful.

3. How do you consume music?

I pay for a Spotify subscription, go to gigs and occasionally download an album from torrent. I also license to a lot of radio, mainly radio 4, Fipp, 6 music, radio 3 and the world service. I also watch TED, but that’s not music…I like licensing to documentaries.

4. How did you learn to play the drums?

I had one lesson, then taught myself by listening to music, reading magazines and watching you tube videos.

5. How often do you play in bands?

Hardly ever. I play music, and drums in particular, more for myself than anyone else really. I usually play at home alone or with friends for fun.

How often do you play at home?

Twice a week to every day depending on how much time I have.

6. What are your favorite bands?

Pantera, Eric Sartie and Mike Pattern.

7. What genera’s of music do you like?

Eclectic, I recon that would be a good way to put it.


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