The basics of marketing:

Think about the product! What are it’s selling points? Is it good value for money? Is it inaviative?

Choice criteria:

Is it functional? Is it made of good materials

What arre the social benefits

Emotions connections


What is the second hand value?

How much does it cost to maintain

Purchase process:

need recognition

then information search…What is out there? How can you put your product in places where people will realise that they want it?

Evaluation: is what i wanted? Is it value for money? How can you package your product to make sure that people look through a lot of your stock? You want people to spend longer evaluating things because the longer you spend, the more likely you are to buy! Buy one, get one free ect

Purchase stage…Can you get the customer to impulse purchase by displaying cheep accessories next to the till..How can Audiojack change it’s business and payment method in order to make people want to buy into the service and website? Move from subscription to another model as tutorials are free to use on Youtube, this means that people will be reluctant to pay…

Post purchase.. Can you give people a coupon to incentivies another purchase? How can you engage people with a website after they have subscribed without spamming their email address? Think up ideas!

We get back into our groups and talk about the proposal for the music tech fest. We need to write a proposal for our activites.


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