As part of last weeks session , we devised a work plan to cover the events and atmosphere of Music Tech Fest via twitter and Instagram, creating an online buzz. However, we were unsure of how to convey the fact that we were representing Audiojack physically at the festival.

One idea was that we could combine our effort at Music Tech Fest with another group that had a campaign physically based at the festival and provide coverage of their presence, interaction with companies and the overall feel of the festival.

As Music Tech Fest is only a week and a half away, we all identified that it was important to start searching for other groups to partner with as the first task of the workshop session. I took a pad and paper and started asking other groups whether they were going to be representing Audiojack at Music Tech Fest. I quickly found ‘Team Eye’ and listened to their ideas. They had a great poster campaign with the slogan ‘You know Jack’ which fitted in perfectly with our profile and prediction that Audiojacks target market like snappy, challenging and sarcastic. They also had some great idea’s for music quizzes and guitar lessons to draw attention to the brand at the festival. This seamed like a perfect opportunity to join forces.

Designs for T-shirts:

After a little discussion, we had formed a new outline of our activities for the festival.


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