Proposal for Music-Tech Fest
By Team Eye and Future Music

Team Eye and Future Music have joined forces to create a presence on behalf of AudioJack at the 2012 Music Tech Fest.

To represent AudioJack as a fun and approachable brand that wants to interact with other digital music businesses at this years Music Tech Fest.
To position AudioJack as a site that encourages users to explore their creativity, ability to learn and sense of self discovery (self-esteem element of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs). 

-2 screens showing the Audio Jack website.
-Brand Ambassadors / Press Officers, wearing Audio jack T-shirts will interview people about their music tastes whilst introducing people to the concepts behind AudioJack
We would like to have two screens set up at our stand. The first screen will be set up to show the AudioJack website, the second screen displaying some promotional adverts and example video’s. From this we are hoping that, by showing consumers the items that AudioJack offers, we can entice them to sign up to the free membership on laptops.

Brand Ambassadors promoting the site and stand by handing out:
-Audio jack branded USB sticks.
-Audio Jack branded plectrums.
We will give away memorabilia to attract people to the stand and promote the site competition.

-Guitar Lessons
We hope to have a guitarist offering quick guitar lessons, or quick jamming-sessions. We feel that this is in keeping with the masterclasses that AudioJack offers, as well as being a nice element to attract people to our stall.

Our animators have created flyers that we can hand out to people. These flyers will promote both AudioJack and the Shure Singing competition. It will have a link to the website and aim to attract people to our presence throughout the day, in person and on social media.
We would like to have a banner printed to create a presence around our base camp area, where the website will be able to be viewed and editors will be stationed creating video interviews.

We are hoping to cover the festival on twitter and Instagram in order to create online buzz, making use of hashtags such as #audiojackmusicians and #musictechfest.

Tweets will describe the atmosphere of the festival, the activities of the team and quirky answers from the interviews as they happen.

Instagram will document the AudioJack team and festival in action. Capturing the fun nature of the brand and it’s interaction with top digital music brands. We will also capture interaction with Ravensbourne Music Production students who will be exhibiting.
In order to do this we will create a new twitter account, @audiojackfestivals. All tweets and Instagrams will be linked back to the AudioJack twitter go give AudioJack the opportunity to retweet any content that they like.

Future music and Team would like to conduct interviews with the crowd asking :

1. Whether they play an instrument or Dj
2. Their experiences of learning an instrument.
3. What their favorite songs are
4. If you had to describe yourself as a song, what would it be…
5. If you had a band, what would it be called
6. What is your desert island disk.

These films will then be edited on the day, put out on a youtube account (under audiojackfestivals) and then sent out over twitter, with a reference to the AudioJack twitter account so that there is an opportunity to retweet if wanted.

We would also like to offer a short quiz, challenging people to take part with the slogan, ‘You Don’t Know Jack’. People who can answer all answers correctly, get a USB and Plectrum or T Shirt.

We would ask for a small budget to cover the costs of any element you approve. The cost of printing flyers, signs, memorabilia, and paying the musician a fee. We are happy to adapt our idea to your budget and if you feel parts of our proposal wont work we can remove them.
We would need to secure a screen for the day from Ravensbourne and an order of t-shirts from Audio Jack. The rest of the equipment we will supply ourselves.
We know we can promote and market both Audio Jack and the singing contest in an entertaining and positive light.

Our Team Consists of:
Craig Busek, Press Officer. 07702402924
SimonMcGeough, Press Officer. – 07794341605
Amy Jackson-Bruce, Social Media Co-Ordinator. -07909877238
Alice Chant, Social Media Co-Ordinator.
Elle Lim, Camera Operator
Alfie Willis, Film Team Co-Ordinator.
Phillipa Hicks, Onsite Editor.
Ashley Straker, Designer.
Derek Ho, Designer.


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