Our new collaborative project with Team Eye has given our project a new lease of life.

The next phase of the project is to create the social media accounts, brand them inline with the merchandise that we have to give out on the day and to start interacting with people about the festival. Our hope is that Audiojack will like our campaign and retweet the best parts from their account to enhance their brand.

Setting up Accounts for the Campaign:

Gmail: An new account will be needed so that twitter and Instagram accounts can be set up from an address that the whole team can have access to. I have set up audiojackfestivals@gmail.com for this purpose.

Twitter: Initially I had hoped that I would be able to make an account called AudiojackFestivals but this username was too long. I had to settle for @AudiojackFest instead. The account is now live and tweeting to the world.

Branding the Twitter account:

It’s important that the account has an identity that will match the one we will have at the festival. People may want to follow us via mobile phone on the day. It will be important that they can quickly identify our brand online and follow the correct campaign. In order to make this as easy as possible, I thought of placing the T-shirt design (all members of crew will wear this on the day) as the background of the account. This took some experimentation but eventually looked professional.

First attempt at putting a background into the account, the single t shirt design:

Second attempt with a tiling of the tshirts made in photoshop:

and the result on the design of the twitter account:

Still think that they need to be smaller so that the T-shirts seem like a pattern. The third attempt with much smaller shirts:

and the result of the twitter account:

How to reach out to our audience at Music Tech Fest:

Building relationships by contacting people online who will be at the festival, making an introduction and inviting them to reply to a simple question / building dialogue with interested parties.

Building relationships with brands attending by retweeting:


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